Be confident that you will win your fight against Oily Skin. As you know skin is a very delicate organ of your body, you need to take an extra care for your skin. Skin types can vary from oily to dry.

Although, you can not fight with your genetic inheritance, but here are plenty of natural treatments for Oily Skin just for an instance, the people having dark hair craft more oil than fair-haired persons. But there are other contributing factors, including stress and changes in hormone activity. Instead of consulting a doctor again and again, there are various treatments that you can follow yourself. The oil skin occurs due to skin dehydration, genes varying, during teenage, pregnancy, menstrual periods and many other causes. So, the skin needs proper nourishment to avoid problems like blackheads, burnished skin, makeup that does not stay on the skin.

Natural Remedies for Oily Skin

In this busy world, we do not get time to take care of our Skin. We forget that skin is most vital part of the body which fights against bacteria and do not allow it to enter in our body. There are many Natural Treatments for Oily Skin; you just need to apply that way that suits the best to your skin tone. You can use the main things of your daily use which are easily available in your Kitchen like for example you can take Baking Soda. It can be mixed in your soap lotion and daily be used on face to remove blackheads. Almonds and honey are also one of the best options that help your Skin get rid of this issue. Salt water and Vinegar are other soothing facials for your oily Skin. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away is rightly said, you can use apple for making a facial by crushing apple, cooked oatmeal, beaten egg white and lemon juice into a smooth paste. You can apply this paste on your skin and wash it with cold water. Egg yolk, when applied on your skin and then washing it with cool water can really dry out the skin. You can also use Apply aloe Vera gel to open your pores. Milk which is available at every home is also very useful in getting free of the additional oil from the skin. You can apply milk on your oily skin directly or you can just add a small number of drops of lavender essential oil in it, scrub gently and then wash it with cool water. Cucumbers makes your skin fresh, you can apply cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice and wash it with cold water.

How to Care of Oily Skin

Nevertheless, having an oily skin is less flat to wrinkles than normal skin but any how, Oily skin is very hard to deal with as every time you have to hold a tissue in your hand to eliminate additional oil from your skin. Natural Remedies for Oily Skin are many, so why not to try them. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • As it is proven that some oils are even essential for your Oily Skin like lemon, grapefruit and orange. So, the thing you can do is to wash your face regularly with hot water as it softens oils better than cold water.

  • You should apply proper cleansers on your face that do not have additional moisturizers. A soap or face washed should be chosen which contains benzoyl peroxide, triclos and alpha-hydroxy acids. Then toner can be used that contains Hyssop substance which is good for skin. Then you can take a massage on your face with buttermilk or dry oats to get free from dead skin.

  • You can also apply a lemon juice mask on your skin with a strong base, may be a cut apple or lavender or peppermint.

  • You need to stop eating oily things and eat food according to regular routine like you can have green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, egg and fish.

  • You should eat chilies, garlic, and dried fruits like dates in a less amount as they make your body warm and produce more oils. Liquid intake should be more the whole day.

  • Water-Based Cosmetics should be used for Oily skin types. May be you can go for Powder blushers instead of foundations.

You can better try these Natural remedies for Oily Skin to get a glowing and healthy skin rather than consulting your skin doctors again and again and wasting too much money. The Choice Is Yours now!!!!


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Great article. I will be dealing with some of these issues
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