Allergies occur if the immunity system of our body fails to protect our body from the foreign substance. Then the foreign substance that has the ability to cause cancer is known as allergen and the outcome is known as the allergy. The immunity systems that can fight the disease have the capability of producing antibodies which protect from the allergen. The impact of the allergis varies from person to person and also depending on the amount of allergy causing material.

Causes of Allergies

There are many allergies that are there. Allergies can be hereditary or environmental. It both the parents have common allergies the probability of that energy being genetically in you is very high. The probability increase even more if that allergies are in mother.

Some of the Reasons for the Allergies

  1. Allergy due to dust

  2. Allergy due to food substance

  3. Allergy due to some medicines

  4. Allergy due to animals and plants

  5. Some allergies are also caused due to change in weather condition such as temperature, wind, sunlight and many more

Sign and Symptoms of Allergy

Allergies Due to Unhealthy Air

  1. Choked nose

  2. Irritation in nose

  3. Mucus production increases

  4. Cough

  5. Irritation in throat

Eye Allergies

  1. Water in eyes

  2. Red eyes

  3. Soared eyes

  4. Irritation in eyes

Symptoms of Allergy by Foods

  1. Vomiting

  2. Diarrhea

  3. Pain in stomach

  4. Nausea

Skin Allergy

  1. Irritation on skin

  2. Skin rash

  3. Blisters on skin

  4. Redness on skin

Steps to Treat the Allergies

Consult the doctor: First of all the person who is suffering from allergy should see a doctor. He should visit a doctor who has a certificate of ACAAI.

Be sure about which type of allergy you are suffering from: The type of allergy that you are having will be obtained from the symptoms that you are suffering from and your medical history. Test will also be performed to evaluate your allergy and than a final conclusion will be reached. The test can be either some skin test or the blood test. Based on the entire plan a final diagnose is prepared.

Treatment: there are different types of treatment depending on the type of allergy. Some of them are:

  1. Antihistamines: It treats the allergies by jamming the action of the chemical that is known as histamine. This chemical is released by the body when it thinks that the body is under the attack of a foreign body. It can be taken as a tablet or in a liquid form.

  2. Corticosteroids: It is an anti inflammatory medicine that is prescribed to the person who has a severe allergy. The corticosteroids can be taken in form of eye drops, creams or sprays. Some doctors also prescribe corticosteroids tablet or injection for a short duration of time.

  3. Decongestants: It helps to cure the allergies relating to the nose. In case of nose infection patients should not use sprays as it will increase the congestion even more. Therefore, decongestants pills are taken. Patient suffering from high blood pressure, heart problem should use decongestant with care.

  4. Immunotherapy: It is also famous by the name of allergy shots. If there is a unique allergy and it cannot be cured by pills or injection then this method is used. It is being used for a very long period of time. It is a method by which a person tolerance power is increased against the allergen. It involves giving injections to people of the substances that are causing allergy. It will then encourage the immune system to fight with the allergens. The immunity is henceforth achieved. The progress rate of immunity depends on the person reaction. It may take few weeks, few months or even years to fight the allergens. When a proper immunity is reached then no more medication is required.

Prevention from the Enviourmental Allergies

  1. Live in a dust free environment. Clean the house daily with phenyl water.

  2. Live in a proper aerated environment, with proper ventilation.

  3. Always wash your hand with soap and water prior to eating food.

Be aware! Be better!!

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