The female persons who are trying to get pregnant often try to spot out the symptoms in order to get sure if they really are pregnant.  Usually women who are pregnant and do not want to be, have to deal with hard ways to find out if they are actually pregnant or not. It is not a cake walk for a girl to go to chemist for the very first time to ask for a pregnancy test. Hence, there must be other very confidential ways and every girl must be aware about them. Fortunately, there exists a solution of carrying out an Online Pregnancy Test which is completely confidential and very simple to perform. The brain behind the Online Pregnancy test uses the thorough study symptoms and complex calculations of the pregnancy through computer.

How to Do Online Pregnancy Test

Online pregnancy tests are generally performed on the internet and this is why they provide complete sense of security to the women. These tests generally ask for the input in the form of equations provided by the woman.

They often begin with very natural and general information about the female like their age, height, weight, current strain levels etc .And then the further tests can be in the form of questionnaire like what was the date of last menstrual cycle of the female? What is the regular menstrual cycle of the female? Has she recently felt any fluctuation in the dates? Has she observed certain pregnancy symptoms? If yes, what all? Has she been on any contraceptive pill intake? If yes, which one ? When does she think she might have gotten pregnant? Has she been to any general physician? Based on the answers, the computerised results of the test come directly on the screen. Online pregnancy calculators are also present these days, which help to provide the probability of being pregnant in terms of percentage, given some inputs into the calculator.

Calculation  Factors of Online Pregnancy Tests

Missed Period: Among all the early pregnancy symptoms, noticing the missed menstrual cycle is one symptom which puts a woman into an alarming situation. As soon as it is realized that a woman has missed her regular menstrual cycle, she should see a general physician.

Un-Toughened as Well as Intumesced Breasts: This is a symptom which occurs due to alteration in the hormones of the women. Usually discomfort and sensitivity is felt in the women.

Urination Becomes Relatively Frequent: The quantity of fluids which develop in the body become manifolds at the time of pregnancy. There occurs more pressure on the kidneys because of the extra fluids thus generated in the pregnant body leading to a full bladder within lesser time comparatively.

Early Bleeding: It is a very important as well as early symptom of pregnancy which is also referred to as implantation bleeding or spotting. It usually happens for only 1-2 days unlikely the regular menstrual cycle and happens around the first 12 days of pregnancy. As soon as a woman realises that she is going through early bleeding along with pain, she must know that it is an alarming situation for her to go for a general physician.

Utmost Weariness is Felt: At the very beginning of the pregnancy, tiredness is a measure which could be noted down easily as an symptom by the woman who is trying to get pregnant. Sometimes, the symptoms like heartburn, feeling faint, constipation, head ache are experienced and even the body temperature remains high in few early days of pregnancy.

Sensitivity of Odours Gets Intensified: Sometimes during the pregnancy there is sudden alteration experienced in the reaction to certain food items odour. There are chances that one might started loving the odours they never thought of and one might start resenting the odors they used to love from forever.

Nausea: After about a month or so, most women feel morning sickness in the form of vomiting etc. When it comes to pregnancy, nausea can occur anytime, i.e., in morning as well as at night.

Some of the general symptoms also include a sudden hike in appetite, increased weight, abdominal soreness etc.

Online Pregnancy Tests leave behind all the other tests because they are generally the first tests these days, which are carried out by women in order to self-asses their regular activities as well as alterations in their regular activities. Another major reason of their popularity is because one can readily find out the free tests on google as soon as they type online pregnancy test. Ensuring accuracy becomes a major concern of a woman as soon as she discovers the need to know if she is pregnant. Because every proceeding thought follows from that point onwards. It really doesn't matter if you get positive or negative results through the online test, as it is necessary to carry out the test again with the help of a home pregnancy kit which usually takes the urine sample, and tells the result immediately in order to get 100% assurance. This is because, in order to get the desired results, sometimes women unintentionally enter the faulty equations in the online test because they are not able to judge accurately each and every parameter. This could in turn happen because of the stress females are going through after knowing the early pregnancy stages.

Further, it is very crucial to empathize that Online pregnancy tests are mere to show the probability of being pregnant and they totally depend on the information provided by the woman who is taking the test. In case, the information provided is inaccurate, the results produced by the test are also not going to be promising. In that case, you can not totally rely only on the online test result. The instructions of using a home pregnancy kit are usually written on the packet of the kit but, in case they are not written , the staff at the chemist would be able to provide the precise information about the usage to the woman going for the test.

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