Hair loss never comes up with an indication, and whenever anyone endures this dreadful problem, it becomes really painful to see the hair falling off the head at such a rapid pace. Some of the reasons for occurrence of hair loss are genetic, but in many cases it also happen due to application of heat and other harmful chemicals in abundance onto the scalp as well as the hair.

Sometimes, in the mid ages, people love to experiment with their hair a lot, which might comprise coloring, pressing, getting streaks or highlights etc, without considering the cons for the same. Ultimately, they suffer from loss of hair and begin exploration of the possible solutions to cure hair loss. Among the various available products in the market like the hair oils, shampoos, conditioners as well as serums, there are medicines as well which are being taken by the individuals very frequently these days.

There is availability of umpteen supplements in the market at the present times which makes it quite difficult to even begin the search. There are many disadvantages as well as advantages of the hair loss supplements chosen by the individuals these days. The choice of hair loss supplements differ in men and women, which is because, the reason of hair loss in men and women differ as well. In both the cases, the hair supplement helps in the nitrifying the hair follicles so that the hair strands gain strength and luster.

Advantages of Hair Loss Supplements

Limited Side Effects: There are many natural as well as herbal hair loss supplements available in the drug stores around you, which provide the most safe and secure products on which one can completely rely without letting any second thoughts peeping in. Before starting the dosage, one must be sure that the supplements are prescribed by a doctor who has thoroughly checked out the cause of your hair loss. After the assurance, one must also try out the supplement for a very short duration in order to observe allergies or side effects, if any.

Hair Nurturing: The dosage of the hair supplement capsules generally vary from about one to two capsules per day, in the morning as well as in the evening. But sometimes, it also depends on the type of supplement and the severity of hair loss in the victim. The follicles of the hair get complete nutrition with the supplements which never becomes enough in the hair loss victims otherwise, even through the protein rich diet. With the intake of the supplements, proper diet must also be followed to get the results as soon as possible.

Blockage of DHT: The hair loss supplements are usually made from bacteria as well as yeast which encourage the growth of hair and also help in the blockage of DHT which is a major reason for the occurrence of hair loss. Apart from blocking the DHT, the hair supplements are also very rich in the nutrients like vitamins, minerals as well as the hair loss herbs like the extract of pumpkin oil, biotin etc

Vitamin Enrichment: The loss of hair on scalp occurs due to the damaged caused to hair from various reasons like usage of heating tools, exposing hair too much to the ultra violet rays, extensive usage of the mechanical devices like combs, brushes etc, application of severely harmful chemicals like in the case of hair re bonding and hair smoothing, intake of diet in lesser extent than required by the body etc. The hair supplements thus required must be rich enough in Vitamin B leading to growth of healthy hair. For the full-fledged growth of hair, niacin, pantothenic acid and biotin are required which could be provided through supplements and diet.

Rich in Protein: The constituents of the hair supplements are very rich in protein which is the main requirement for the nourishment of hair. The protein help as it covers the hair strands with thick layer of cuticle providing loads of strength to the hair strands. This also helps in the appearance of hair with good volume.

Quick Cure: Usually, the cycle of re growth of hair lasts from eighteen to twenty months but due to hair loss problems, this cycle gets disturbed and becomes smaller. Most of the hair loss supplements help in beginning the re-growth cycle of hair in as much as three months. The hair growth cycle which gets disturbed in the human beings because of sudden hair loss is controlled effectively through the usage of supplements.

Disadvantages of Hair Loss Supplements

While choosing a supplement, one must consider the disadvantages. While purchasing a hair loss supplement for yourself, you must have a quick look at the following tips:

  • One must get the supplements prescribed from a good dermatologist so that it is ensured that intake of the supplement is only going to be profitable and the side effects would be minimal.

  • Hair loss is common among the women who are expecting and thus, before starting the dosage they must consult the doctor thoroughly.

  • The directions written on the supplements packet must not be ignored. If the dosage pattern or amount differs than what has been subscribed, the supplements effects are going to be negative. If the usage of supplement is increased, some minor after effects like reddish skin and dry scalp can be observed.

  • Different types of supplements have different purposes and their effects can be studied on different sort of individuals and thus, the outcome depends on person to person. Some have genetic hair loss problems and correspondingly such patients take much time to recover as compared to other hair loss sufferers.

  • The course of medication must always be completed. It is an observed fact that people often leave using the supplements as soon as they feel that hair loss has decreased. But it should be empathized that the goal of supplements is to normalize the hair growth cycle of the body and not merely stooping the hair loss once.

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