Hair are something that have to be handled with utmost care. Unfortunately, at some or the other stage, almost 70 percent of the people suffer hair loss in their lives and they go for hair loss treatments.

Factors of Hair Loss

Most of us believe that hair fall is one of the signs of ageing, and happens after a person has crossed his late thirties. But, it is no more a persistent fact now. With today's hectic and stressful life style, even the teenagers and young adults are complaining of hair loss. Apart from the lifestyle, there are other factors too that alleviate this problem and they lose ability to cope up with the hair loss.

Their dietary habits- especially junk food, the trend of frequent styling and experimenting with the hair and using artificial gels containing harmful chemicals and sprays, environmental factors like extreme climatic conditions, pollutants in the air, prolonged illness, steroids and other strong drugs etc. are other contributing factors that make the problem of hair fall worse.

There is a cycle which is followed, pertaining to the growth of hair. The first phase is called anagen or the growing phase, catagen or the transition phase and the last telogen, also called the resting or the suspension phase.

Hair Loss

At a particular instance, scalp bears up to 100,000 hair. In an average human, 15 percent of the hair strands are in the telogen phase. So, falling of 100-150 strands of hair each day is a normal phenomenon and the body is capable of recovering from that loss. A healthy scalp can overcome this loss by replenishing the fallen hair strands. But if this threshold limit is crossed, it is a matter of concern which needs immediate attention. This is an indication of a disorder named alopecia areata. In this, the hair follicle gets out of the anagen phase before time, non-preemptively which ceases its growth and takes into the resting stage. The prominent characteristic of this disease is the appearance of bald patches on the scalp which tend to get wider with time.

Traction alopecia is a kind of disorder that leads to hair loss when too much strain is given to the hair. Tight head bands, hair styles in which the hair strands are pulled, exerting too much pressure on the scalp. This kind of damage can also occur due to the application of harmful chemicals on hair, like, hair dye, hair colors, sprays etc.

According to the dermatologists, physical trauma and some skin diseases and infections cause scarring alopecia is the condition in which the underlying scalp gets damaged which causes scarring and the hair follicles ability to regenerate gets destroyed. This leads to hair loss which is irreversible. The other type of damage is non-scarring hair loss which is more common and can potentially be reversed. The causes can be aging, drastic dieting, heredity factors, prolonged ailments, drugs etc.

Hair Loss Treatments

Constant hair fall, that results in baldness, deteriorate the self esteem and confidence in an individual. In many cases, the person becomes socially uncomfortable and there is a feeling of awkwardness in facing the people. To overcome the hair fall and regain the aplomb and self pride, people who have suffered this loss go for hair loss treatments from the dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. Depending on the severity, the available options are change in the techniques of grooming, fake hair pieces or wigs, medications and drugs or hair transplant surgery.

Change in approach and grooming styles

  • Using an effective hair oil which is best suited for your hair type, strengthens and nourishes the roots.

  • Wash them regularly. Greasy hair attract dirt which sticks to the follicles and detaches them from the scalp. The shampoo should be mild, which cleans the hair properly.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure.

  • Do not use harsh artificial sprays for hair styling.

  • As much as possible, refrain from using chemical hair dyes, colors etc.

  • If a severe hair loss has taken place, give a try to wigs or artificial hair pieces if you want to cover up the baldness.

Hair Transplant : A procedure in which the surgeon extracts the strands of hair which has a rich growth and implants them on the area where hair fall is occurring or hair are getting thinner. An alternate variation to this technique is follicular transplant, in which the units known as follicles are transplated to the region of sparse hair growth from the denser one.

Scalp Rotation: This technique has been more successful in the case of children and the adults have not responded that well to it. In this, the surgeon moves a region of scalp which has rich hair growth to the area which has thin hair.

Medical Treatment of Hair Loss

Finasteride or Propecia : It is taken on a dialy basis, in the form of pills. It prohibits the enzyme activity that stops the hair growth by simulating testosterone levels. It is not prescribed in the case of female patients.

Minoxidil: Also known as Loniten. This is a form of lotion which is rubbed on the scalp directly and enlarges the hair and increases their anagen or growing period. If the medication course is not complete, it is not going to show any results. Most effective at the top and back area of the scalp.

An important thing to note is, the best preventive measures to avoid hair loss and remedies can be taken at home. They are proven to be the best hair loss treatments.

There are some natural, home based treatments to ensure healthy hair. They include, oiling your hair regularly and exposing them to steam before hair wash, use a mild shampoo that prevents weakening of hair roots, using coconut milk to massage your hair, using almond oil with fried fenugreek seeds, washing your hair with natural pastes comprising neem leaves or you can also go for a mixture of gram flour and curd, rinse your hair with juice that has been extracted from the coriander leaves or tea leaves.


0 #1 usman 2014-09-05 06:23
i am 25 year old and male, i have a problem of hair fall from 4 years, i am so worry because i am going baid day by day, please tell me any effecrive solution.
Andy tell me, may i use hair vit and minoxin? or suggest me any other.
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