Everybody desire for sound and shiny hair throughout their lives but at some stage in our lives, we tend to lose the hair on our head with much more frequency than regular. On an average about a hundred hair fall from our head everyday and many grow up as well. Hair loss becomes severe when the ratio of hair which shed from the head becomes larger as compared to the hair which re-grow. Thus, who are suffering from the pitiful hair loss, often wonder about the causes and remedies of hair loss.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Symptoms of Hair LossThere are certain alarming symptoms of hair loss which must be noted before jumping on any sort of experimentation among the various products available in the market, claiming to fight hair loss. These products generally include the hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and serums on which it is written that they fight hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall etc, but usually they don't help much and people who use them, lose the valuable money they have into such wasteful solutions. The very common and alerting symbol is thinning of hair. As soon as you start feeling that your hair strands have reduced in strength and thickness, you must watch out and be meticulous about any further complications. There are umpteen number of reasons for hair loss and they differ for both men and women. Thus, one shouldn't simply chose any of the available market products for reducing the hair loss problem without being sure about the kind of hair loss they are suffering from. Hence, it is crucial to illustrate the causes and remedies of hair loss.

Reason of Hair Loss

Among the various types of hair losses, there are few reasons listed below which aid in causing this frightening problem:

Age: Due to aging in men as well as women, hair loss starts occurring. It is generally seen that the pattern of hair loss differ between the men and women. The hair loss in men is usually seen above the forehead in the central region whereas women usually suffer hair loss from the overall scalp. The hair fall in men is usually seen in their early 40s whereas in women, this occurs approximately in their early 50s

Genetics: When hair loss is occurred because of the heredity reasons, it is known as androgenetic alopecia. People who have heredity of the hair related problems like excessive dandruff, greying, balding etc tend to have these problems throughout the generations, but these problems can also be fought out under proper medication from a good hair expert or doctor.

Reason of Hair Loss

Hormonal Alteration: When hair loss occurs due to change of hormones in the body, it is referred to as alopecia areata. This sort of hair loss doesn't happens for prolonged duration and even when it does, the after effects of this hair loss are not permanent. Alopecia areata can happen in other parts of body of a human as well, apart from the scalp.

Stress: It is the very common reason for hair fall. Stress is the reason for killing various nutrients which are otherwise required by our body. Sometimes during stress, people stop eating the nutritious food which is rich in protein etc which is required by our hair. Sometimes, stress occur in pregnant women as well which becomes a cause of their hair loss.

Remedies of Hair Loss

Inadequate Circulation of Blood Onto the Scalp: Massages are done onto the scalp in order to increase the blood circulation which helps in passage of the blood thoroughly inside the scalp so that the hair strands get proper nutrients.

For these reasons, the hair fall problems must have corresponding remedies which must be followed in order to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Some of the hair fall remedies are discussed below as follows:

Henna: It is one of the herbal remedy for hair loss which is also used extensively as a conditioner in order to maintain hair. Sometimes it makes the hair dry as well and thus it must be applied over little oily hair. Henna can also be mixed with eggs to provide rich nourishment and shine to the hair strands.

Oils: Aromatherapy can be used in which lavender as well as bay essential oils are used for hair massage which help a lot in the re-growth of hair onto the scalp. The essential oils are a mixture of few droplets of several oils into a base oil, each of which has a specific role which is benefitting for the head. After head massage, sometimes steam also helps in making the hair strands healthy because the pores of hair get open after taking the hot steam, letting the oil used in massages deeply penetrate into the cells of hair. Jojoba oil has also proved to be very helpful remedy of hair loss.

Horsetail: It is a very good herbal remedy to fight from the problem of hair loss. It is used for stimulation of the follicles of hair. This herbal remedy is used to capture the pattern of baldness through increased strength of the prior thin hair and thus, encouraging the hair growth. Rubbing the scalp also helps in circulation of blood which also helps in growth of hair.

Green Tea: People generally doubt on the capability of green tea as a cure of hair loss. One must try having as much as four cups of green tea for about two months, in order to judge the difference. Individuals sometimes dislike the taste of green tea. In that case, the capsules of green tea work as an alternative.

Minoxydil: It is a lotion which has proved to be wonders for hair loss. It must be taken with the proper prescription of doctor because it comes in various concentrations. A doctor is necessary to observe the type and amount of hair loss and then accordingly, prescribe the concentration of Minoxydil, suited for your scalp.

Upon understanding and implementing the causes and remedies of hair loss, if they don't seem to help, you need to go for the artificial hair treatments for hair loss such as hair weaving, hair transplantation etc.


0 #1 randy ortan 2012-09-06 06:45
stress main reason for hair loss .I am suffring with hair loss problems and i uses lot of anti hair fall shampoo but result is zero give some other sugession for treatment.
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