Fertility treatments help the couple to conceive. The motive of fertility is not to get a woman pregnant but also it is to help her conceive a healthy baby.

Some of the Fertility Treatments

Assisted Reproductive Technology: It is also known as ART treatment. It is a method by which a couple can conceive a baby by a partially artificial method. It is a reproductive technology to cure the problem of infertility. ART treatment also focuses on delivering a healthy baby, if there is a problem of AIDS to any of the parents. It focuses that the baby is secure and safe without any mental disability and without any sign of the disease.

Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization technique the fertilization of the male gamete and the female gamete takes place. But the fertilization of the sperm and the egg takes place outside the body of the female.

Technique Followed During Vitro Fertilization

  1. OCR: It is known by the name of Transvaginal Ovum Retrieval. In this procedure, a small needle is inserted into the vagina. The location of the needle is seen through the ultrasound machine. The needle moves from vagina to the ovarian follicle, from there it gather the fluids that include the eggs.

  2. Transfer of Embryo: In this technique the embryo is placed in the vagina of the female. It is done to obtain pregnancy.

Expansion of IVF

The expansion of IVF requires the techniques that are followed in vitro fertilization but the opposite is not true.

  1. AZH: it is known as Assisted Zona Hatching. This technique is performed prior to the time when the embryo is placed inside the uterus of the female. In this process a small opening is made in outer region that is surrounding the egg. This is done so that the embryo emerges out and helps in process of growing the embryo.zz

  2. ICSI: it is known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It is a technique use when the problem is conceiving is due to male infertility. In this case there is less number of sperms in the body of male. In this process a sperm is injected into the centre part of the egg with the help of a needle. This technique is also followed when the donor sperms are used in order to achieve positive pregnancy. It is done to the people who have failed the prior treatment of IVF.

  3. Autologous Endometrial Coculture: This treatment is done for the people who have a low quality of embryo in the body. The fertilized eggs are placed on the top layer of cells in patient uterine lining. This is done in order to provide a normal surrounding for the embryo to grow.

  4. ZIFT: It is known by the name of Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer. In this the eggs are removed from the ovaries of the women. The eggs will fertilize in the laboratory. The resulting fertilized egg is known as zygote. Then the zygote is placed in the fallopian tube.

  5. Cytoplasm Transfer: This is a procedure which requires a donor. The donor will donate a fertile egg. Then the content of the fertile egg are transferred to the infertile egg of the women along with the sperm, in order to make the infertile egg fertile and ready to conceive.

  6. Egg Donor: This process is done for the women who do not have eggs. The availability of no eggs is due to surgery or any other medical treatment such as chemotherapy. In this method the eggs are taken from the ovary of donor. The egg along with the sperm is fertilized in the lab. The healthy embryo is then returned back to the uterus.

  7. Gestational Carrier: It is process that is done when the patient has ovaries but it does not have any uterus. The absence of the uterus is due to any medical surgery.

  8. Sperm Donation: This technique can be followed if the women who want to conceive have no husband or a male partner, sperm count is less in the male partner or if the partner has some disease. In order to have a safe baby this technique is selected.

The following fertility treatment helps to treat both male and female infertility. A couple should have a proper checkup from the doctors and select the best treatment for them. An advice of a good doctor is extremely important while dealing with fertility treatment!!

Be happy!!!

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