Guess who was the person who made a record of hitting six sixes in an over against England in the year 2007 Worlds Twenty 20. Yes the man is none other than our Punjab hero Yuvraj Singh. Born in 1981 Yuvraj Singh is a son of former Indian fast bowler Yograj Singh. Yuvraj Singh joined his cricket career in the year 2000. He became the vice captain of the Indian team in the One Day International (ODI) for the year 2007-2008.

How Yuvraj Singh Did Realized He had Tumor

While Yuvraj Singh was playing for world cup, he would wake up in the middle of night and found difficulty in breathing and also he used to cough a lot. Ignoring all these symptoms he used to go for regular practices and played for every match in world cup. He used to think that if it was cancer he would have to leave his game. And for Yuvraj Singh his happiness lied in his play. Therefore he avoids having any medication. Later he realized that there is nothing more important than a good health. A month prior to his sickness he said he would be playing in Australia. But when he went to Bangalore to test his fitness it came out that his sickness needed immediate attention and therefore the best of the oncologist was called upon to treat the famous cricket player.

What Kind of Tumor Yuvraj Singh Had

It was false news that Yuvraj Singh had lung cancer. He did not have a lung cancer ; he had a tumor between his lungs that occurs in testes amongst the men. Doctors of max hospital where Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed reported that Yuvraj Singh had tumor which was named as seminoma which occurred in the reproductive organ of both male and female. In Yuvraj Singh case the tumor was located between the lungs and above the heart. Yuvraj Singh was treated in max hospital by Dr.Rohatgi. He is an oncologist at the max hospital and exclaimed that this tumor was a rare tumor and it is curable by therapies. He also told that it would not at all disturb the career of Yuvraj Singh later in his life.

How was His Tumor Treated

The doctors decided that he should go for his chemotherapy session at US. So Yuvraj Singh on January 26 went to US for his chemotherapy. His chemotherapy begins at February and ended in March. In March he had a CT scan and see whether he had recovered from tumor or not. In April he would have to join rehabilitation and then in may he will be all set for his game the doctors at US exclaimed. Yuvraj Singh Physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhary said that he has been taking an ayurvedic treatment so he would require less number of chemotherapy sessions. He required three cycles of chemotherapy.

Yuvraj Singh Lost His Hairs

High doses of chemotherapy affect body in many ways. It results in loss of hair as well as fatigue. Yuvraj Singh was provided with chemotherapy session in cancer research institute in Boston. The day he lost his hair he posted a picture of his on twitter with a tag line that hair has finally been lost.

Yuvraj Singh Inspiration

The cycling legend Lance Armstrong was an inspiration to Yuvraj Singh. Lance Armstrong received number of medal and trophies in his cycling career. He made large number of records in his career as well. He was also diagnosed with same kind of tumor in 1996. He was treated with tumor and he started his career again. Yuvraj Singh has also been treated with same doctor. During his time in US he used to read the autobiography of Lance Armstrong and got motivated to have his treatment done perfectly.

When will Yuvraj Singh Begin His Cricket

He will begin his cricket at the end of year 2012. He is now perfectly fine but he has lost large amount of weight. He will start his practice session soon and will be back with a bang. It will take some time for him to recover all that strength that he needs to stay for long hours during the match. Hope to see Yuvraj Singh on field as early as possible.

Yuvraj Singh continuously thanked his fans and family for all the prayers and support.

India misses the legend and hope to see him soon running on the cricket ground and chasing runs!!

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