An age old saying, "Health is wealth." No matter what era we are living in, how technologically advanced we are, how much progressive science goes, it remains an unbeatable fact. There is nothing more important as a good health and healthy living. It is a bliss, indeed. Healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. The prime requisite for doing well and prospering in every aspect. If you are physically fit, that not only adds to your happiness quotient but also keeps you mentally active and alert. The brain remains energized and works at its best if it dwells in a body which is free from ailments.

Weight related problems are on a boost since early 60s, primarily reasons being busy lifestyles, inadequate eating habits like various aerated drinks, junk foods, etc and due to increased level of stress. Staying fit and healthy is a tough battle for many overweight people suffering from heart disease symptoms in the world today and regrettably, losing weight with the help of exercise and diet is not a cake walk and a lot of times becomes frustrating when their weight loss is at a very slower pace.

"Don't lose your mind lose your weight." Concepts like crash dieting, instant weight loss are making people especially the young generation crazy. They like to call themselves fitness freaks but seldom they realize that fitness is not about attaining a size zero figure or building six or eight pack abs. Fitness is the state of well being of the mind, body and soul.

Everybody wants a body that fits into the modest clothes and adopts latest trends and for that, people end up following certain weight loss plan. Staying fit is one of the most wanted item in the dream list, even in the hectic schedules of masses these days. Whenever one tries to shed

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