Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. In general, it is present in very less amount in the food that we eat.

 Production of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced when the ultraviolet rays of the sun hit the skin and then activate the production of vitamin D. the vitamin D obtained from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the food that we eat is very static. It must go through the process of hydroxylation in order to get activated in the body. The conversion takes place in the liver first where vitamin D is converted into hydroxyl vitamin D. hydroxyl vitamin d is also called as calcidiol. The second step of conversion takes place in kidney, in the kidney it forms active dihydroxyl vitamin D. it is also called as calcitriol.

Importance of Vitamin D

  1. It support calcium absorption in gut

  2. It maintain a good level of phosphate to prevent mineralization of bones

  3. It prevents hypocalcaemia tetany

  4. It helps in growth of bones and remodeling of bones

  5. It prevents rickets in children and ostemalacia in adults

  6. It prevents osteoporosis

  7. It helps in growth of cells and provides a good immunity system

  8. It helps in good co-ordination of nervous and muscular system

  9. It reduces inflammation

Because of so much benefits of vitamin D having a diet having normal content of vitamin D is beneficial. The main reason to have vitamin D rich food is to have stronger and healthier bones. Healthy bones are very much required as the process of aging starts.

Amount of Vitamin D that Should Be Taken

It is recommended that the older people should take high dosage of vitamin D and young children can rely on relatively less dosage. It is not because the old people have less vitamin D but because they have more probability of having bone disease.

Overdose of vitamin D can leads to problem such as:

  1. Reduces appetite

  2. Reduces weight

  3. Increase chances of cancer

  4. Increase chance of fracture

Vitamin D Rich Food that Provide a Good Concentration

  1. Milk: Milk is the best and easiest source available for vitamin D. milk has been drank in heavy amount since the problem of rickets came into existence among the young children. A cup of milk daily both in evening and morning fulfill the entire need of vitamin D in the diet. The milk product although do not have as much content as there is in milk alone.

  2. Juice: In addition to milk another liquid diet extremely rich in vitamin D content is juice. Orange juice is the best source of vitamin D in the diet. One glass of juice daily is good enough to fulfill vitamin D content in our body. It is recommended that juice should be taken as a part of diet to avoid any health diseases. Therefore, a person should necessarily have vitamin d in their diet to be free from health disorders.

  3. Cereals: Many cold cereals are trusted to have a good amount of vitamin D content. Cereals should be picked up with great care. They should not have extra sugar or hydrogenated oils. The cold cereals are consumed with cow’s milk, soy milk, juice, fruit, almond milk, water or yoghurt. Some of the good combination can be mixture of raspberries in milk or corn flakes with milk.

  4. Salmon: Fishes with high content of fat are extremely rich source of vitamin D. flesh of the fish is rich in vitamin D but the liver of fish and fish oil are also rich source of vitamin D. Fatty cut fish have large amount of vitamin D as compared to fish have lean cut. Fishes canned in water has less vitamin D compared to fishes canned in oil. Fishes such as tuna, mackerel are good source of vitamin D. Single serve of fish ahs good amount of vitamin D. A raw fish has more content of vitamin D than a cooked fish. Raw fish is mainly consumed in form of sushi. Salmon feed on zooplanktons. Zooplanktons are extremely rich source of vitamin.

  5. Eggs: the maximum amount of vitamin D is present in the yolk of the egg. Therefore, the entire egg must be consumed. It is also a good source of protein and vitamin B12.

A fully fledged rich vitamin D diet is important. The diet should neither have excess of vitamin D nor limited vitamin D.

Take care of yourself!!

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