Rujuta Divekar rightly says, Don't lose your mind lose your weight.A healthy mind nurtures and sustains in a healthy body. Concepts like crash dieting, instant weight loss are making people especially the young generation crazy. They like to call themselves fitness freaks but seldom they realize that fitness does not mean attaining a size zero figure or building six or eight pack abs. Being fit is not getting stick thin or lean. Fitness is the state of well being of the mind, body and soul.

Weight Loss Obsession
Anorexia, also referred to as Anorexia nervosa is very common psychological disorder making a lot of people, and mostly young teens its victim. It is a state in which the concern for being slim and trim goes beyond control, they get insecure of putting on weight, restrict their diet abnormally and exercise beyond the tolerance limit of the body. Can all this fear breed in a healthy mind? Of course not. An anorexic person adopts anything and everything that is being projected as a weight loss tool to them. Be it laxatives, enemas, slimming pills and other artificial substances. Their only obsession is their body weight. This cycle, if continues, becomes an out of the bound addiction.

Crash diet plans might get you the results you have wanted for your body, but in the long run, it does no good. It alleviates your strength and stamina to a great extent. The body metabolism lowers down and when you switch to your normal diet, the body loses its tendency to cope up with it and you instantly gain weight. The key factors for an effective diet plan is its viability and maintainability. It should not eradicate the necessary nutrients for the body but moderate their quantitative intake or if possible replace them with healthier substitutes.

Tips for Diet Plan

Here are tips, to plan your diet in the most effective and suitable way:

  1. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water flushes your system and regulate the body's metabolism.

  2. Be very choosy about mid- time snacks. Indulge in healthy granola bars, soya biscuits and other baked items instead of binging in deep fried or fast food.

  3. Include rich sources of roughage in your meals like salads, they do not add bulk but keep your stomach filled.

  4. Avoid the intake of salt in your food as much as you can. It causes water retention in the body. You may use natural herbs and home prepared spices or lemon juice to enhance the taste and flavor.

  5. Eat foods that are in season, refrain yourself from preserved or canned food items.

  6. A source of lean protein should be included in every meal. Dinner can be an exception.

  7. For one or two days in a week, it is advisable to follow a detox diet consuming liquids all the day- lemon water, fresh fruits and vegetable juices and abundance of water.

  8. Do not follow a regular pattern of meals. Vary it often in terms of quantity and nutritional value.

  9. Make dinner, the lightest meal of the day and make sure to have it at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

  10. Keep realistic goals to be attained for yourself. If you are going slow, but steady in your pace, it is a reason enough to feel happy about it. Get motivated by your progress

  11. Think of it as a change towards a healthier life style that you have incorporated, it should not be treated as a short term diet.

  12. Focus on what all you can include, what variety you can have and how to make it interesting so that you don't feel the need to give it up.

  13. Eat only in accordance to your capacity, not with respect to what is being offered on the plate.

  14. Keep a distance from beverages- especially the aerated ones. Substitute your regular tea and coffee with green tea or herbal tea.

  15. Do not follow anyone blindly. Choose the diet plan which is optimum for your body and needs.

  16. Find a motivating and cheering section. There can be people in your family or among your friends who can support you in sticking to your diet plan. Find company of such people and get boosted up.

Weight Loss Pills and Fat Burning Supplements

looking for shortcuts, people are often lured by weight reducing pills or fat burner supplements to get rid of the extra kilos and flabs quickly to look slim and attractive but, amidst all this, they lose their sense of realization of the potential side effects that can harm the body. Some of them contain Ephedrine which can be addictive and can cause nervous disorders, anxiety, dry mouth, severe headaches and other reactions that can be fatal.

If you need stamina or motivation to work out, these diet pills keep you revitalized by providing instant energy to keep you going all day. The fat cells are burned to release energy, give a boost to your metabolism, and the food gets digested faster.

Pears are believed to be the natural fat burners. Grapefruits also follow the same, by regulating the insulin, level in body, a hormone responsible for storing fat. Expert advice suggests that people who eat almonds everyday, lose up to 18% of their total body fat. Navy beans are composed of resistant starch, which is quite an effective fat burner. Dark chocolate, which many of us think is rich in calories, is actually an antioxidant that prevents the fats cells from being deposited in the body. It also keeps the heart healthy.

Who to Consult Doctor for Diet

However, if your are relying on the synthetic fat burners available in the market, it is recommended to first consult your doctor and take it in prescribed quantity. Enumerated is a list of people for whom these supplements or pills are a complete 'NO'

  • Children and teens
  • People who are older than 65

  • Expecting women

  • Feeding mothers

  • Insomniacs or people who have sleeping disorders

  • People who have symptoms of stress, exhaustion or adrenal fatigue

  • People who are going under medication for blood pressure

  • People who are sensitive to nausea or nervous ailments


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