A person who can be described as one among the millions who was born to be a soccer player. He is none other than the king of soccer David Robert Joseph Beckham. He had the talent of becoming a great soccer player but today's world is filled with talented people, who did not become anything. His devotion and determination to the game made sure that his talent was not wasted.

At the age of 11, Beckham received a Bobby Charlton Soccer Skills Award at Old Trafford. Old Trafford later became David Beckham second home. Along with the award he got himself two weeks of training under Barcelona coach. He had a clear vision about who he was going to be when he grew up, a soccer player he would say when anyone asked this question. His skills did not go in vain; today he is appreciated for his excellent soccer skills worldwide.

David Beckham Diet Plan

David Beckham's diet comprises of:

Carbohydrates: David Beckham consumes certain amount of complex carbohydrates such as orange cabbage soy beans, cauliflower, spinach and many more .This complex carbohydrate give him strength to play his soccer game and also for practice session of soccer.

He avoids high Glycemic index carbohydrate. Things which have high glycemic index are white bread, white rice, cornflake etc. To avoid high glycemic index is important because it helps to get rid of the fat on body and it increases the rate of metabolism.

Healthy fat: Frozen yoghurt, olive oil are sources of healthy fat. A healthy fat is important in diet of a soccer player because it help him attain maximum performance

Proteins: David Beckham's diet comprises of high amount of proteins. Meat, eggs, dairy, seeds etc contribute to his protein rich diet. Protein rich diet is helpful because proteins help increase muscle repair.

Minerals and Vitamins: green and leafy vegetable, fresh fruits are a source of vitamin and mineral. They also act as a source of antioxidants.

He also emphasis on drinking lot of amount of water because it gives him energy to perform well in his game.

Workout of David Beckham

David Beckham used to perform very much weight exercises. This helps his muscle to gain lot of strength but it also came in the way of his athletic skills so he searched for a new strength exercise. He still lifts weight but he lifts them for total body exercise.

David also focuses on complex movement which helps him to play his soccer game well. He considers it as a best approach for fat loss.

David Beckham also adds plyometric type exercise in his workout routine. This exercise helps to enhance power, speed and quickness of a player. This also helps to reduce calorie and have a fit body.

David Beckham also includes cardio vascular exercise in his routine. Cardio exercise helps to maintain a constant blood flow which helps to recover a player from his injuries which is caused due to sprain. It also helps to reduce weight. Cardio training includes sprinting, skipping and running as a part which is necessary for soccer player.

David Beckham said that regular exercise and a control on his diet are the two methods by which he maintains his fitness in late thirties. He also said that it will help to be fit when he will go beyond 40. He also exclaims that running is the best way to lose fat and it helps a person to remain lively throughout the day.

Awards and Records Made by David Beckham

In March 2008 David Beckham beat the record of bobby more of 108 caps by wining his 109 cap as a substitute in a friendly match against Slovakia.

He also won himself premier league champion six times, premier league runner up two times, FA cup winner two times and FA cup runner up one time when he was playing for Manchester united between the time of 1993-2003.

He also got Primera Division Champion and Supercopa de Espa while playing for real Madrid in between the time of 2003-2007.

He was SuperLiga Finalist in year 2007 while playing for LA galaxy.

All the people desire to have a fit and healthy body. To achieve it is very simple if you improve your mind set. People look for information about fit body of Beckham and also take his advises seriously.

So switch on the best in you!!!

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