When you get your photograph taken everyone says, Smile!" So you open your mouth and show your teeth. When you see the photograph, you see a cheerful person looking back at you. The improved those teeth are, the happier you look. It's because your teeth are essential in many way. Strong, healthy teeth help you look your best.

Why Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of taking care of your oral hygiene. Most dentists recommend that you brush and floss your teeth three times per day after every meal.

There are a number of good reasons for keeping your teeth clean by brushing. The first is if you don't brush your teeth you will have very bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria that build up in your mouth from the food we eat, things we drink etc. Do you notice how your mouth tastes first thing in the morning once you wake up? That's because of the bacteria that build up in your mouth during the night.

Another reason why brushing teeth is essential is because of tooth decay. The bacteria will begin to assemble in your mouth and cause tooth decay and you'll end up with a mouth full of decayed teeth and most likely with serious tooth ache. If you continue to pay no attention to your oral hygiene and not brush your teeth on a regular basis you'll likely end up having to wear false teeth. These false teeth are not cheap by any way and will also change your facial look and make eating more complex. Not only does brushing your teeth help avoid tooth decay, it also helps avoid gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults and has been linked to cardiac hit and stroke.

Another reason why brushing teeth is important is because proper nutrition is important for good dental health . The sugars from soft drinks and acidic foods combine with the bacteria in our mouths which produces acids that attack tooth enamel. This can lead to spaces and gum disease. Restricting the amount of foods that are high in sugar can greatly help to maintain good dental health.

How Brushing Teeth

Brushing exactly after eating is not at all suggested, as the acid produced by bacteria has already begun the process of eroding enamel. If you brush quickly after a meal, you rub off part of the dissolved mineral deposits of the enamel. . It can cause dental corrosion, which may lead to pain, redness of the gums, loss of sensitivity of the teeth and also lead to cosmetic problems.

Brushing at night is the most significant. Saliva in nature fight the development of bacteria on your teeth. Your mouth dry out at night and reduces your mouths capability to fight the bacteria. Preferably you would keep your teeth clean at all times but thats of course not practical. The main consent seemed to be that people brush in the morning because it makes them feel good to start their day with a clean mouth.

Brush Type for Best Brushing

Most dental hygienist agree that a soft-bristled toothbrush is best for removing debris from your teeth. The brushes with small heads are also preferable, since they can easily reach all areas of the mouth For many, a power-driven toothbrush is a good option. It is essential that you use toothpaste that's correct for you. Today there is a large variety of toothpaste designed for many conditions including cavities, discolored teeth and sensitivity. Ask your dentist about the toothpaste that is best for you? You should visit your dentist two times in a year for normal check-up. Your teeth are one of your most valued possessions and it's necessary that you take good care of them. Your dentist will regularly deep cleaning of your teeth in order to remove debris buildup, they will take x-rays to see if you have any out of sight tooth decay that must be taken care of and they will give you fluoride treatments, if needed and fix any teeth that need fillings.

The base line is that
brushing teethis as important as taking a shower, eating food, combing your hair or any other kind of personal hygiene. Take good care of your teeth on a normal basis and you'll be one of the fortunate persons that have their original teeth their entire life and never have to put on false teeth.

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